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  1. Vertiforo theme was made few years ago for gaming communities who were looking for dark designs. This is rewritten version of Vertiforo known from other forum software. As this is my first release on IPB whole cost of this theme is lowered. All customers can get fast support on my discord. Because this is first release I know there could be some bugs or problems with third part plugins but you won't be left with that! I will fix all bugs which prevent to use additional functionalities
  2. This adds a button to your site that is visible to guests that will link to a whatsapp contact number of your choice. Looks great and keeps your visitors in close contact at any given time. settings in acp for custom message text in header custom avatar custom dummy message text Demo at http://dtweb.space/ Warning!!!!! Anybody installs this and adds their phone number, is essentially giving their phone number to every guest on the site. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  3. Royal 1.1 Dark ( - 4$ Until Quarantine disappears ) - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) ABOUT THEME:
  4. Advanced footer Advanced footer allows you to add a footer to your site with as many blocks as you want, including feeds from Forums, Gallery, Downloads, Pages, Facebook page feed, Twitter timeline feed, Adding members block, Custom Editor/HTML blocks and more. Beautiful and clean design it is fully responsive and perfectly suits your theme due to its highly customizable options, it is entirely customizable, resizable, and reorderable. This Application was developed by Taman https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/537452-taman/ and released under https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8459-advanced-footer/ until he gave it to us to continue to maintain it. Features Custom blocks. Custom HTML/Editor blocks. Member blocks. Quick Links. Social blocks ( Facebook page feed, Twitter timeline feed, Social links ) Feed from IPS applications. ( New ) Forums. Gallery. Downloads. Pages. Create columns and optionally show it to specific themes, you can also set a custom column background color. ( New ) Create blocks and optionally set a specific width or a custom background color. ( New ) Resizable and reorderable Columns/blocks. Custom color options. / or Match colors to your theme. Creating footer rows Creating blocks Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  5. Simple application for rewarding members. In current version can't auto-reward members, or hide awards from some groups, so if you want this features - you can see others awards application (after I made it, I see that there're already exists iAwards and Trophies and Medals here in marketplace). I made it special for my community, so it may looks something strange, but I could change something by request. Features Categories and Types creation, when someone can reward members with selected type award Admin CP restrictions for managing settings, types, categories and awards Moderator restrictions for rewarding members (as usual, could be set to group or single member) and autoconfirm rewarding Awards confirming. If not confirmed, noone could see award Notifications - internal and emails. Only for confirmed awards (after first time it set to "confirmed") Multilanguage awards settings - you could set own titles and descriptions for every community language Display last awards in topics and profiles under photo - you could disable it in settings Display in activity as other events P.S. I'm working with IPB for 15 years, but it is my first published app. I will be glad to receive feedback
  6. Special Offers Widget Fade Effect&Touch-swipe Beautiful slider widget For Discount information Or ... This widget is suitable for sidebar of forums Ability to zoom image And Next Slide Demo Settings: Set 4 Slide Enable And Disable Slide Set Title Widget Link To Image Offer Product Name Link Product Symbol Price Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  7. New bans system in Chatbox application. Selected member groups can manage chatbox bans. Can ban for a definite, indefinite period with reason. There are 3 types of bans: ban for chatbox viewing ban for chatting ban for viewing & chatting Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  8. Do you want your members to engage with others and stay on your community longer? Connections brings unique member discovery features to your community. Nurture relationships between your members by highlighting mutual connections and encouraging interaction. Communities with meaningful connections have unmatched longevity! Features Suggest new people for members to follow based on; Number of mutual connections. Friends of friends and friends of their friends. Reputation. Shared interests (Coming soon). Geographic location (Coming soon). A single location to see your followers and members you are following. A summary of content from members you follow (This feature requires Invision Community 4.5 or higher and will be automatically activated when you upgrade). Show the degrees of separation between your members on member profiles and hovercards. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  9. Back To Top with progress Effect Useful user plugin for all forums Demo Settings: Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  10. This plugin adds a dark mode button for all your users at the touch of a button. simple lightweight code and easy to switch on and off. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  11. Lightweight theme that allows your users to switch from light mode to dark mode in the blink of an eye! lightweight css easy updates compatible with all apps great looking theme for any site! Demo here http://dtweb.space/index.php Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  12. This is a simple plugin which will show a warning at the top of any old topics. You can define an "old" topic based on a specific date cutoff, or by a number of days old (i.e. to show a message at the top of any topics that are more than 365 days old). You can specify the date for date-based cutoffs, or the number of days for the days-old cutoff. The message is displayed at the top and bottom of every page of the topic. This simple utility can help prevent super-old topics from being bumped when users reach them from search engines. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  13. Description This app allows you to run elections on your board, good for members who wan't to run for staff positions etc. How it works Admin adds an Organization. Admin then adds the Positions. Admin then adds the Ballot. Admin then adds positions for those Ballot. Admin then adds Nominees for those Positions. Then the Voters vote. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  14. Not a fan of Google? Would you like to start earning money for every CAPTCHA challenge completed on your site? Well take a look at hCaptcha. hCaptcha is a drop in replacement for Google's reCAPTCHA project with a few notable differences. hCaptcha boasts stronger user privacy policies. hCaptcha pays you when captcha challenges are successfully completed. There's really not much more to say but let me know if you have any questions about how it works. After installing this application you'll simply need to go to your CAPTCHA configuration (in the AdminCP this can be found under Settings > Spam Prevention > CAPTCHA tab), choose hCaptcha as the CAPTCHA method, and then input the site key and site secret you generate on hCaptcha's site. That's it! Start earning money on your community immediately. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  15. This plugin will add 11 new social profiles/sites to your board. They are: Bitbucket Digg IMDB Reddit Spotify Stack Overflow Steam Telegram Trello Vimeo Whatsapp Setting: Sort the list of sites alphabetically Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  16. The plugin adds a new setting to the configuration of the record feeds from the database, allowing you to specify the offset when fetching data. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  17. Define custom redirects to send a user visiting any URL you wish to another URL. Upon installing this plugin, a new page is available in the AdminCP under System > Settings > Advanced Settings by clicking the "Manage Custom Redirects" button at the top right. From here, you can add URL mappings that you wish to redirect to other destinations. You can use wildcards for fine-grained control over the visited URL, and optionally ignore query string parameters if you want all requests to a given page to redirect. Both onsite and offsite destinations are supported. You can optionally show a custom message when the user is redirected, and you can control which HTTP status code is sent to the user agent (301, 302 or 303). Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  18. With this widget you can display a block on forum index that will contain 3 columns with recent registrations, recent posts and recent topics. It works on board index only and not sidebar. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  19. The application adds a new setting in the Moderator Panel where all ignored members are being showed. i.e. who is ignoring whom and what things are they ignoring. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  20. This plugin will allow you to automatically generate keywords meta tag based on topic title, first post or based on them both. This is a demo video for the plugin in action: Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  21. This plugin will convert status updates (and its replies) into topics. Conversion option: Topic title Forum where to create the topic Settings: Delete the status update after convert to a topic Groups allowed to convert a message to a topic Made by request. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  22. Venatuss Theme This is only theme (.xml file) If you want to have this server list, you must have the GS Server List The theme is compatible with the forum application Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  23. This plugin will allow members (with specific groups) to rejoin to conversation members that left the conversation. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  24. This plugin lets you filter your custom database homepage for a custom database field. You must use "Show records like articles" in your database settings. Otherwise this plugin doesn't make any sense. In the plugin settings set the database id, the custom field id you want to filter for and the value(s) in this custom field you want to filter for. I recommend a radio button based field. Others weren't tested. Caution: If you choose to filter for only one/several value(s) and not all and you have additional blocks/content which are based on the same database they also show only filtered content. In my use case this is not a problem. In your use case it could be. To get an impression of what I mean see https://gr-solutions.de , click the links with showStatus in them and watch the right block! Although, you might not understand the language have a look at the colored badges and how they differ when clicking a link with a applied filter. The last setting is a custom URL variable you can set. Use ?yourVariableName=chosenfilter to create links for filtering content. See link above as example. You should duplicate the "Category Articles" template (just export and import it again) in the Pages database template section because you have to adapt the pagination template. In the new created template group you should replace in the index template the following line {template="pagination" app="core" location="global" group="global" params="$url, $pagination['pages'], $pagination['page'], $database->featured_settings['perpage'], TRUE, 'page'"} with {template="GRcustomDatabaseNavigation" app="core" location="global" group="plugins" params="$url, $pagination['pages'], $pagination['page'], $database->featured_settings['perpage'], TRUE, 'page'"} This is need because pagination has to get the filter variable, too. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  25. Improve your SEO Tags. Clubs, Forums, Downloads, etc of your forums, create and edit titles easily, just adding a simple code on the plugin and see your website be better indexed on the search mechanisms. Example: To get a better experience go to your main Language, search for the key "search_blurb_tag" change "Showing results for tags %s" for just "%s" like image bellow If you want to add more "Affected URLs" add how many you want but always put "/tags/" on the bottom, like the image bellow See now how it works, i search on my forum for IPS (https://example.com/tags/ips), and it will show this: Special credits for @A Zayed for create this custom plug-in to our forum and allow us to sell it. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
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