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  1. This quick plugin will mark a private message as unread so you can get back to it later or in a proper time. The plugin will not re-enable the total unread messages (rthe number in red circle in the message icon); it will only mark unread so you can find it faster in the messages list. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  2. German Translation for Invision Power Suite (IPS) 4, created for IPS4.4.x Deutsche Übersetzung für Invision Power Suite (IPS) 4 erstellt für IPS 4.4.x Internal Versionnumber: 4410r1, Releaase 02/14/2020 Diese Übersetzung wurde erstellt für alle offiziellen Add-Ons von Invision Power Services, Inc., im Detail: IPS.Core, IP.Forums, IP.Pages, IP.Blogs, IP.Downloads, IP.Commerce und IP.Gallery Wir fokussieren das Frontend, kümmern uns aber auch um das AdminCP. Wichtig ist uns vor allem, dass Benutzer eurer Webseiten nach außen eine deutsche Oberfläche präsentiert bekommen, danach, bzw. nach und nach folgt auch das ACP We focus on the frontend, but also take care of the AdminCP. Above all, it is important to us that you can offer your users your websites in a German interface, the ACP follows thereafter, or little by little WARNING - THIS IS A PREVIEW-VERSION - IT MAY CONTAIN ERRORS AND IS NOT (YET) COMPLETE. PLEASE AGREE TO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING! PLEASE REPORT ARRORS OR MISSING TRANSLATION IN THE FRONTEND IF YOU NEEED SUPPORT FOR THIS FILE OR WANT TO REPORT ERRORS, USE THE SUPPORT-TOPIC (ENGLISH ONLY) OR JOIN HTTPS://WWW.ADMINARENA.DE TO GET SUPPORT FOR THIS FILE AND IPS (User-to-User-Basis) ! YOU WILL ALSO FIND PRE-RELEASES OF THIS FILE, THERE, ALSO 3RD-PARTY-TRANSLATIONS ( (SOS) Links Directory, (BIM) ChatBox, etc). 4.3-Benutzer: Achtung, diese Datei ist ausschliesslich mit Versionen ab Version 4.4 kompatibel. Bitte kontaktiert und auf https://www.adminarena.de, wenn ihr Sprachdateien für ältere 4-er-Versionen benötigt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2014-2020 by Alexander Mueller and the AdminArena.de-Translation-Team, eMail: alex@adminarena.de Diese Übersetzung ist kostenlos und werbefrei. Du darfst sie beliebig für deine Installation modifizieren. Ohne Genehmigung ist es dir nicht erlaubt, eine von dir auf Basis dieser Übersetzung erstellte / modifizierte Übersetzung zu veröffentlichen. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  3. The plugin redesign the appearance of the "Blog Entry Feed" widget. Thanks to it, you can highlight entries on all blogs. The plugin requires the Blogs application from the IPSu package. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  4. This plugin contains various tweaks and adjustments I have made to the IP.Gallery application to make it more suitable for my own personal use. After losing the original code for this plugin and having to reverse engineer the last build I made of it in order to apply a minor bugfix with the latest IPS release, I have decided to go ahead and open source my modifications here to submit as a general suggestion to IPS in regards to changes I'd like to see to the IP.Gallery platform. What this plugin does 1. Changes the scaling of images in the gallery. I find the default gallery window way too small for most use cases. This plugin, by default, modifies the gallery window to utilize up to 65% of the browser window. Here is a before and after demonstrating this: Before After 16x9 aspect ratios can cleanly fill the entire box with this setup, while other images still are able to be viewed at much more reasonable resolutions. 2. Allows you to disable the gallery lightbox. The gallery lightbox is neat. It's nice to have in certain areas of the site, like when clicking on a gallery image linked in a forum post. It is not, however, nice to have literally everywhere you go in the gallery. It does not replace traditional gallery navigation for me, and based on the vast amount of user feedback I've seen, most members I've interacted with do not like this system either. This is anecdotal, but shares my personal experience. This plugin will let you disable having the lighbox open when you click on images in category and album overview pages. You will instead be directed to the normal image overview page. 3. (Or more 2.1), disables the gallery lightbox when loading an image link directly. Why is the lightbox being forced here? It's redundant and not any more user friendly than just looking at the page that's already been loaded. It's just an annoyance. So I've disabled it. 4. View full image actually opens the full image. This I consider more of a bug. The "view full image" link does not, as its name implies, open the full image. It opens the large, scaled down image in a new tab instead. This plugin fixes it so that it links to the original image instead. 5. Adds a download button to the lightbox After bashing the lightbox overuse so much, I decided to wrap up by adding something to it. This includes a simple tweak that adds a "download image" button to the lightbox. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  5. When member sets the date of birth (year is not required), the zodiac icon and zodiac name will be displayed Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  6. All the Things (Dark) is the default IPS theme with a lot more options. It provides options for anything that isn't changeable in the default theme as well as defaults to a dark theme instead of the standard white theme giving you a good basis for adjusting to your dark site. It includes a few special features like header and body backgrounds and gives a good basis for a simple dark theme. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  7. This plugin will require a reason for locking topics in your community. Reason will be displayed in topic view. Settings: Show moderator name who locked the topic Style of the reason message on topic view Note: This is supposed to work ONLY in topic view by clickin in LOCK in Moderation Actions menu. It won't work in forum view when you select one or more topics. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  8. Royal 1.0 Light - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) ABOUT THEME:
  9. This plugin will display, in desktop and tablet, FontAwesome icons in Overview and Members tab in Clubs. It will also display icons on Home Page and Activity page if you have Improved Club Enhacements installed. You can choose any tab from this page: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/ Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  10. This plugin will add the ability to randomly sort files in Files feed widget. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  11. Advanced Gift Cards extends the default IPS gift card feature Features Select what payment methods to allow for purchasing Gift Cards Select what member groups can buy Gift Cards Allow members to send Gift Cards to other members via PM when purchasing them This will allow members to enter a users name and it will send them the Gift Card as a nice private message The receiver will be the only recipient in the private message allowing only them to see the code ( Apart from Admins, read below ) Enter a minimum amount required for purchasing Gift Cards Adds a page in the ACP keeping track of all Gift Card purchases with info on it Shows who purchased the Gift Cards Shows the delivery type of the Gift Cards Email Print Private Message If it was sent via Private Message it will show who they sent it to Shows the actual Gift Cards code Shows the Gift Cards value Shows if the Gift Cards has been redeemed Shows who redeemed the Gift Cards Shows the time and date of redemption Allows quick search of the code of the Gift Cards allowing you to check all its progress easily IPSCommerce is required to use this application Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  12. With this plugin you can easily add a watermark to every uploaded image via upload form. FAQ - read before purchase It works only for a newly uploaded images? Yes. It works for already uploaded images? No. Watermark could be applied into old images (already saved)? No. Would you be so kind and add new options? Yes and no. It depends what it would be. Watermark can be added anywhere on the image? No. It would be added only to bottom right corner. Watermark would be added onto thumb also? Yes. If you have any other questions please ask BEFORE purchase. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  13. This plugin will add two button in your community pages for Next Item and Previous Item (If there is a next or previous item). buttons will stick in the sides of the page and have animation effect if hover to show more detail for next or previous items. like item's name and item's image. Note: Next Item and Previous Item is based on how IPS consider an Item is being updated in databases. Supported apps: Forum's topics | Demo Download's files | Demo Calendar's events | Demo Page's records (Require additional template works, provided by a guide inside the package) | Demo Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  14. Vuex is a new theme with a dark color scheme that can be used for any forums. N.b. this is still on beta, as I'm continuing to work on it, so feel free to report any bugs and give feedback! There isn't a working demo for now. (but hey, it's free, so just download it and try it!
  15. This is a small plugin allows using Widget to display the statistic in your site. Members could see and update the newest information on that. Features: DISPLAY STATS IN TAB VIEW DISPLAY STATS IN GRID VIEW Manage stats in widget's settings: Easy to add/delete stats. Drag & drop to reorder the position quickly. Clicking on stats to select the categories. Supports the following stats: Forums: New Topics New Posts Most Viewed Hot Topics Downloads: New Files Recent Updates Most Viewed Most Downloaded Highest Rated Pages: New Content New Comments Most Viewed Members: New Members Most Reputation Most Content Other: Auto-update stats every X seconds. Widget title. Fully support AJAX. Fully support responsive design. Cache system for high quality/performance. LIVE DEMO: https://ipsviet.com/ Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  16. Your users might not be aware and might not like that their display names are public in any public area of your site. And as a result, Google queries for real names or business names used as display names will often lead to your website. While this can be nice regards to traffic, it can upset users and might be problematic in regards to privacy laws. This plugin mitigates these problems by globally truncating or hiding display names when content pages of your site are viewed as guest. This decreases the likelihood of search queries for names leading to your community pages. For a live demo, check out Typography.Guru. Important notice: The plugin only works on sites that have removed the guest access to profiles through the permission settings. If you let search engines like Google index every user profile, obfuscating the usernames makes little sense. This plugin is specifically made for sites that already do not link to user profiles, but still expose the full display names (e.g. in forum topics or in the discovery feeds). If you are unsure about your settings, open a forum topic as guest user and check if the display names link to the user’s profile or not. If not, you can use this plugin. Plugin Settings: Set the number of characters to show. Jane Doe can be turned into “J…” (1 character) or “Jane…” (4 characters) for example. You can also set the value to zero to remove the original display name entirely. Use the “member” suffix. Put the word “member” in front of every truncated name. This works best when just a few or none of the original characters are shown. Jane Doe would become for example. The word member can be changed and translated. Use brackets. This puts square brackets around the replaced user names, e.g. instead of Member J… Show hover description A description explaining that full user names are shown after login. The phrase can be changed and translated. Pick admin exception You can pick one member that will be excluded from the truncation/replacement. This can be useful for your main admin account. You would protect your user’s privacy, but still have your name shown in your Pages articles and announcements for example. The plugin works for all pages of a site that use the theme templates “userLink” and “userLinkFromData” to generate the display names. This is the case for forum topics, Pages articles, the calendar and many block feeds. The display names might still be exposed in the source code or in other areas of the suite if they are set as being public. More areas to obfuscate the usernames might be added later on request. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  17. This plugin allows you to disable paid files in downloads app categories. To disable paid files in a specific category, edit the plugin settings and set the categories where paid files shouldn't be supported. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  18. This plugin will display in Forums index the root categories as tabs. Notes: It will add a tab for Club Forums if the setting to Show Club Content Areas is set to Throughout the community. It will add a new display option in the index if you allow members to choose forum view type Compatible with Grid View per Forums by @DawPi A second line of tabs will show up if you have many root categories. The less the better. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  19. this adds in a community enhancement for an alternative maps option (other than google maps or mapbox). they offer reasonable prices per 100k request. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  20. This plugin will allow moderators/Admin to see report message under post content for reported posts. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  21. This plugin allows you to set a specific Pages Page as landing page for guests. Once this plugin is installed and once you've set the alternative landing page, guests will be redirected to this page. Once they log in, they'll see the real default page which is defined in Pages. Attention: 1. This plugin requires Pages app to be installed. 2. This plugin requires that Pages app is set as the default application. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  22. Look Like Beautiful Theme We suggest you check out this demo! We tried to design a template that would fit all communities A beautiful, modern and complete theme for creating new generation communities . PSD & EPS FILES FOR BACKGROUND QUEST MESSAGE SECTION AND HEADER SECTION (3 eps file For christmas Header) Lifetime Updates & 24/7 Support Fully Responsive & Fully Customizable Bubble animation Wave style header and footer Navigation links hover effect Go Back To Top Button Background shapes MegaFooter&Header easily customized Social Icons Forums Icon Quest Message And more... Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  23. This application adds support for the W3C Specification Web Authentication (WebAuthn) for Two Factor Authentication in Invision Community. With this application, users with a security key that supports the standard (like Yubikey, Solo Key, or a a compatible Android device with a fingerprint reader) will be able to register that key and use it for Two Factor Authentication. These keys can be built-in, or connected by USB, NFC, Bluetooth, etc (whatever is supported by the key). Some keys provide fingerprint sensors and other additional security. Supported Browsers: Desktop: An up-to-date version of any major browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) iOS: version 13.3+ Android: An up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Android Browser Examples of supported security keys: Yubico Solo Google Titan Feitan eWBM Egis OneSpan HyperFIDO Note: Only authenticators which are signed with a X.509 certificate are supported. ECDAA and self attestation is not supported. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
  24. Send inline notifications to members for some purchase actions in the Commerce application. For example if a new purchase is generated or if a purchase has expired. Features Send inline notifications to supported Commerce purchase actions. (Email notifications are NOT supported.) Set which products will be excluded from receiving notifications. Supported currently are "New Purchase Generated" & "Purchase Expired" purchase actions. Requirements: Commerce Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Перейти на сайт Invision Power
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