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Выпуск международной 2.1.4



Invision Power Board 2.1.4




ipb_difference_export.html ( 66.96k ) Number of downloads: 19





[ACP] Editing skin settings can result in 414 HTTP Status code and redirect fails

[AJAX] Editing topic title and description does not add moderator log entry

[upload] openbasedir restrictions cause the image_check in class_upload.php to fail - allows all files but images to upload

[Lang] Importing a language pack with ] character at the end of the text strips the final ] (i.e. lang_ucp.no_photo)

[Posting] If forum is set to read-only archive, Quick Edit still allows you to edit the post

[bBCODE] List tag inside of quote tag causes double line breaks

Edit time restriction setting not properly inherited when a user is a member of more than one group

[ACP] Extra html tag in non-default template group descriptions

[ACP] Deleting a member does not delete the pm text records (but does delete the pm topic records)

[ACP] Selecting template bits, changing skin group, selecting new template bits, and hitting 'Edit Selected' produces a javascript error; Editing multiple templates only pulls up one template

[Reg] Login name still asked for during registration even when converge method is set to email

[RSS] Double quotes used in the "Add link" field cause the form to become invalid upon editing

[bBCode] Text that has multiple tags not properly stripped of tags in the PM popup window

[JS] Add Selected Text as Quote button no longer works in FF 1.5

[search] New post indicators/board being marked not being honored for Today's Active Topics link

[search] Manual search->search in topics does not restrict search to just the topic, searches entire forum

If url returned in Quick Edit formulates an html entity, html entity displays (i.e. act=something§ion=.. turns § into the entity display)

Hardcoded text

[upgrader] Bad query in sql_1.txt; Updated documentation slightly

[skin] Poll question pushes off the screen if question is excessively long

[skin] Cell shading in inbox rows innaccurate until you click on it twice

[Msg] Character set not specified in the html archived messages

[ACP] Portal latest discussions setting group not properly closed

[ACP] Rebuild tools run by ids, instead of record row count, so a site with mismatched ids or several deleted records has to run the tool longer than necessary

[AJAX] Editing topic title, description, and member name lookups not working with alternate character sets due to html entities

Invalid charset is set in txt_convert_charsets/ipsclass.php

[upgrader] Email addresses not converted to lower case when updating from 1.x to 2.x

[Cal] View Current Month/Week links do not respect calendar selected; Changing language/skin reverts back to default calendar

[ACP] Unlimited attachment space displays as 0 bytes

[Mod] IP Tools in UserCP searching for posts do not return queued posts

[Cal] Events out of order in board stats if there is a recurring event; Recurring events do not have event date on mouseover

Upload limits not properly inherited if one of a member's groups has unlimited global space or per-post space

Language jump gives white screen when visiting UCP component pages

[Mod] Selected counts not properly set on the moderator buttons in forum/topic on first page load

[ACP] Skin/images import hardcoded to use "uploads" directory, instead of configured uploads directory

[Poral] Updated Gallery portal plugin files to latest copies

[subs] Special characters in the gateway configuration forms can cause the form fields to become invalid

[subs] Apostrophe in package name causes Paypal transaction to fail

[Reg] & in display name is rejected, though it is not listed as an invalid character

[API] Topics/posts does not instantiate email and pass to post class, causing an error in the forum tracker function

[API] Topics/posts does not instantiate email and pass to post class, causingan error in the forum tracker function

[Portal] Poll bar-graph images wrap across multiple lines

Permission mask check not working properly for forum tracker when users have their group permission masks overridden

[Portal] Attachments are not parsed into the portal if not added into the post

[Portal] Removed useless settings (settings had no affect on anything)

[Msg] If you use RTE and save a message, then go to edit it, the bbcode displays as tags instead of parsing into the RTE

[skin] Topic title pushes buttons off to the right of the header bar if excessively long

[ACP] Deleting member topics/posts does not properly rebuild post count (doesn't take into account forums without post count incrementation, or qued status)

Not all forums displayed in announcement form if show forum jump list setting is enabled

[PM] Sorting by name actually sorts by ID instead of name

[Cal] Added day to the nav bar when viewing list of birthdays for a given day

[ACP] Group title missing in header bar when editing settings

[RSS] TTL set as seconds instead of minutes

Language Abstraction for Subscription Manager gateway payment buttons

[AJAX] Added ability to enter blank topic description

[ACP] Searching for member by email, email is case sensitive

[RTE] Wrap in Quote bbcode posts bbcode outside of post area

[bulkMail] Sent to count does not accurately reflect number of members email was sent to

[skin] BBCode legend missing from template

[RTE] Enter in IE makes two line breaks instead of just one

[stats] Who posted list groups by name instead of id, can show same member twice if using display names

[skin] Postbox not properly left-aligned in Opera

[skin] Email addresses limited to 50 or 64 characters in register and login pages

[skin] Queries link is explitely set white in skin_global

[JS-STD] IE not positioning cursor into textarea properly when text is not selected

[ACP] Admins who do not have access to the 'Admin' tab can still see the index page

[ACP] Editing a member, the email is case-sensitive

Ignore user posts setting not honored in last 10 replies preview on post screen

[AJAX] Entering html into AJAX topic title editing will display the html itself, rather than the code, until page is refreshed

Enable Emoticons and Enable Sig checkboxes not remembered when editing a post

[ACP] Export skin with parent changes will override child wrapper with parent wrapper

[RSS] Full character support added with new convert_charset kernel file

[RSS] RSS always imports the number of articles you specify + 1

[RSS] RSS always imports the number of articles you specify

[RSS] RSS feeds will still import on create/edit even if not enabled

[RTE] No preceeding http:// for images and urls causes bad paths

[ACP] Search for members by name or display name is case-sensitive (depending upon mysql server configuration)

[bBCODE] Nested indent tags not properly parsed back when editing

[iE] Some attachments try to download as 'index.php' or get corrupted

Wording is misleading in topic reply notification emails if you request immediate email notification of topic replies

If posts require moderator approval, they do not get subscribed to the topic even if box is checked to do so

[Msg] Folder counts not properly updated when the Empty PM folders feature is used

[ACP] Some icons are not XHTML compliant img tags

[ACP] When members require admin approval, the latest member/member count stats are not updated

[stats] Stats keep resetting until manually recounted

Improper group matching in profile pages for warn-protected groups

[bulkMail] IE downloads email instead of previewing inline in manage bulk mail

Requesting lost password more than once can cause validation issues as original request is not cleared from database

[subs] ACP uses name instead of members_display_name

[Warn] Displaying name instead of display name

[Reg] Banned email address message not returned properly on registration submission

[Reg] If force login is enabled, XMLOUT can't authenticate on registration page (doesn't work properly)

[Mod] Display name not presented in title bar when editing a member

[subs] Find transactions screen does not present packages in the drop down list

[ACP] Added coppa flag to manage validating screen, added flag to indicate email or admin validation pending

[ACP] Column ordering parameter not being set properly on validating members page

Search can produce extra (invalid) page link under right circumstances

[RSS] RSs import count not reset when multiple feeds importing, causes import to stop after it hits 100 articles collectively

Custom field setting for Admin/Supermod viewable only not functioning correctly

[ACP] Improper closing html tag

Edited-By now only returns for quick edit if group cannot remove it

[DBAL] allow_call_time_pass_reference Warning

Clicking Forum Led By legend causes error message

[ACP] Clicking a member group name causes error




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Единственные отличия в переводе которые я нашёл:

файл lang_global.php




$lang = array (

добавлена строка:

//2.1.4 - for IDM when released
'idm_header'			=> "Downloads",


Так что тем у кого есть возможность скачать английскую версию форума можно не ждать нового перевода :D

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Единственные отличия в переводе которые я нашёл:

файл lang_global.php




$lang = array (

добавлена строка:

//2.1.4 - for IDM when released
'idm_header'			=> "Downloads",


Так что тем у кого есть возможность скачать английскую версию форума можно не ждать нового перевода :D


А мы нашли ещё в нескольких языковых файлах новые строки.

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Гмм.. а я бы искал так:

FC file1 file2 > res.log


Ну вобщем ясно.. В батник такое запихнуть - ух как летает :D

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А мы нашли ещё в нескольких языковых файлах новые строки.

Хм... мож быть я и не прав, если смотреть ченджлог да, есть ещё в других файлах.

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