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  • This application will give the admins the ability to feature important posts for a certain period of time so they can stand out in topics. After a post has been featured, it will stay on the top of all the other posts in all pages until the featured time expires. If more than one post is featured, the latest featured post will be displayed first.


  • To install the application,  go to the Application section in your admin panel, click the Install button, select the aplication file and hit the Install button.


  • After you install the application, go to the Community tab in your Admin Panel and all the way to the bottom of the drop down list select Featured Posts->Settings where you can select the group(s) that you want to feature posts. 


  • Whenever a post is featured, the poster will receive a notification. The notifications can be disabled from the Notifications Settings page. Only the inline notification option is possible. The email notification option is disabled. If you do not the users to receive the featured notification, you can disable it at the application 's settings page.


  • A tools page is available to delete all featured posts.


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