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Turbo-charge your Commerce application with a suite of powerful enhancements that extend multiple functions.  Convert more leads into business, capture lost business, and make more money!  



  • Bulk important products - Add an unlimited amount of products all at once to immediately stock your store  
  • Define custom fields to products - Specify new configurations, details, and measurements to your products
  • Recover abandoned carts - Recapture lost business with a set of automated emailed that prompt clients to pay for outstanding products


  • Statistics on the dashboard of the admin panel
  • Pay by Account Credit as Default payment method
  • Possibility to add a product to the cart via a direct link
  • Notification about product price change in the store
  • Widget: Recently viewed products
  • Improvements on the list: shippings, invoices
  • Recovery of abandoned carts
  • Improvements in the details view: invoices, transactions, shippings in the admin panel
  • Information about the quantity of a given product in the cart, including its price (information visible on the product card and on products list)
  • Possibility of cyclical import of products from wholesalers
  • Custom fields visible on the product page
  • Notification about product out of stock (product sold out)
  • Compatibility with Invision Community 4.5


For proper operation of the application, the Commerce (IP.Nexus) application is necessary.




Release Notes

IPS Beyond Blog - feature spotlights



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