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Кто возьмётся другим на благо!


// 5.0.0 ALPHA 1

'rating_prefix' => "Rating",

'dd_view_profile' => "View Member Profile",

'dd_remove_friend' => "Remove Friend",

'dd_add_friend' => "Add as Friend",

'dd_send_pm' => "Send Message",

'dd_find_posts' => "Find Member's Posts",

'dd_find_topics' => "Find Member's Topics",


// 2.1

'js_forced_change' => "You have set 'Rich Text Editor' as your editor but your browser isn't compatible with it. The standard editor has been used instead.",

'js_tt_closeall' => "Close All Tags",

'js_tt_bold' => "Bold",

'js_tt_italic' => "Italic",

'js_tt_underline' => "Underline",

'js_tt_strike' => "Strikethrough",

'js_tt_font_col' => "Text Color",

'js_tt_back_col' => "Background Color",

'js_tt_link' => "Insert Link",

'js_tt_image' => "Insert Image",

'js_tt_email' => "Insert Email",

'js_tt_quote' => "Wrap in a Quote",

'js_tt_left' => "Align Left",

'js_tt_center' => "Align Center",

'js_tt_right' => "Align Right",

'js_tt_list' => "Insert List",

'js_tt_indent' => "Indent",

'js_tt_outdent' => "Outdent",

'js_tt_noformat' => "Remove Formatting",

'js_tt_undo' => "Undo",

'js_tt_redo' => "Redo",

'js_tt_copy' => "Copy",

'js_tt_paste' => "Paste",

'js_tt_cut' => "Cut",

'js_tt_code' => "Code",

'box_font' => "Font",

'box_size' => "Size",


'js_bbeasy_on' => 'Guided Mode Enabled',

'js_bbeasy_off' => 'Guided Mode Off',

'js_bbeasy_toggle' => 'Click to toggle guided mode',


'remove_attach' => "Are you sure you wish to remove this attachment?",


'js_close_all_tags' => "Close all Tags",

'js_tag_list' => "Enter a list item. Click 'cancel' or leave blank to end the list",

'jscode_text_enter_url' => "Enter the complete URL for the hyperlink",

'jscode_text_enter_email' => "Enter the email address",

'jscode_text_code' => "Usage: CODE Your Code Here.. /CODE",

'jscode_error_no_title' => "You must enter a title",

'jscode_text_quote' => "Usage: QUOTE Your Quote Here.. /QUOTE",

'jscode_error_no_url' => "You must enter a URL",

'jscode_text_enter_image' => "Enter the complete URL for the image",

'jscode_error_no_width' => "You must enter a width",

'jscode_text_enter_url_name' => "Enter the title of the webpage",

'jscode_error_no_email' => "You must enter an email address",

'js_used' => "So far, you have used",

'js_max_length' => "The maximum allowed length is",

'js_post' => "Post",

'js_no_message' => "You must enter a message to post!",

'js_current' => "Current Characters",

'js_characters' => "characters",

'msg_no_title' => "You must enter a message title",

'js_check_length' => "Check Post Length",

'hb_open_tags' => "Open Tags",



'upload_text' => "<b>Attachments</b><br />Global Space Left:",

'upload_unlimited' => "<em>unlimited space</em>",

'invalid_mime_type' => "Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload a file with that file extension.",

'upload_to_big' => "The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments.",


'pp_nohtml' => 'HTML Off',

'pp_html1' => 'HTML On - Raw Linebreak Mode',

'pp_html2' => 'HTML On - Auto Linebreak Mode',


'button_add_attachment' => "Add This Attachment",

'attach_remove' => 'Remove',

'attach_space_left' => "You have used %s of attachment space for this post.<br />You have %s left for this post.",

'remove_attach' => "Are you sure you wish to remove this attachment?",

'custom_tags_incorrect' => "There is an error with your BBCode, the number of opening tags do not meet the number of closing tags.",

'custom_tags_incorrect2' => "There is an error with your BBCode. It is possible that you have incorrectly used a tag such as TAG when it is meant to be used as TAG= or vice-versa.",



// v1.2

'enable_track' => "<strong>Enable</strong> email notification of replies?",

'already_sub' => "You are currently receiving email notification of replies",

'mod_pinclose' => "Pin & Close this topic",

'poll_choices' => "<b>Poll Choices</b><br />Please put one answer per line. <br />Maximum %s answers.",

'posting_poll' => "Posting a Poll",


'po_options' => "Post Options",


'poll_question' => "Poll Question",

'poll_tag_allowed' => "URL and IMG tags allowed",


'eu_keep' => "Keep current attachment",

'eu_delete' => "Remove attachment",

'eu_new' => "Replace with a new attachment",


'append_edit' => "<b>Add</b> the 'Edit by' line in this post?",

'edit_ops' => "Edit Options",


'js_close_all_tags' => "Close all Tags",

'js_tag_list' => "Enter a list item. Click 'cancel' or leave blank to end the list",


'bbcode_guided' => "Guided Mode",

'bbcode_normal' => "Normal Mode",


'hb_start' => "Hint: Use Guided Mode for helpful prompts",


'hb_bold' => "Insert Bold Text (alt + :D",

'hb_italic' => "Insert Italic Text (alt + i)",

'hb_under' => "Insert Underlined Text (alt + u)",

'hb_font' => "Insert Font Face tags",

'hb_size' => "Insert Font Size tags",

'hb_color' => "Insert Font Color tags",

'hb_close' => "Close all open tags",

'hb_url' => "Insert Hyperlink (alt+ h)",

'hb_img' => "Image (alt + g) imghttp://www.dom.com/img.gif/img",

'hb_email' => "Insert Email Address (alt + e)",

'hb_quote' => "Insert Quoted Text (alt + q)",

'hb_code' => "Insert Monotype Text (alt + p)",

'hb_list' => "Create a list (alt + l)",

'hb_click_close' => "Click button again to close",


'hb_open_tags' => "Open Tags",



'js_text_to_format' => "Enter the text to be formatted",


'calendar_title' => "Event Title",

'calendar_event_date' => "Date for Event",

'calendar_event_type' => "Type of Event",

'calendar_type_private' => "Personal Event (Viewable by you only)",

'calendar_type_public' => "Public Event (Viewable by all)",

'calendar_submit' => "Add Calendar Event",

'calendar_group_filter' => "<b>Admin Option</b> (only applies to public events)<br />Click on which groups can see this event (Admin group always selected), or leave alone so all groups can see this event.<br />Multiple group selection allowed",


'calendar_edit_submit' => "Edit Event",


'calendar_delete_box' => "<b>Delete Event?</b> Check this box and submit the form to delete this event.",


'unreg_namestuff' => "Unregistered User Info",


'mod_options' => "After posting...",


'mod_close' => "Close this topic",

'mod_move' => "Move this topic",

'mod_pin' => "Pin this topic",

'mod_nowt' => "( Do Nothing )",


'msg_no_title' => "You must enter a message title",


'tt_topic_settings' => "Topic Settings",

'tt_options' => "Options",

'tt_poll_settings' => "Poll Settings",


'tt_subject' => "Topic Subscription Reply Notification",

'ft_subject' => "Forum Subscription New Topic Notification",


'upload_failed' => "The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error.",


/* Current not used Lang strings (Commented by ItchysPaws for 2.2)

'stat_flash' => "Flash Movie posting: ",

'poll_vote_added' => "Your vote has been added",

'post_to_quote_txt' => "You may edit the post you are quoting here",

'submit_poll' => "Add my Poll",

'js_used' => "So far, you have used",

'poll_no_guests' => "Guests cannot vote",

'submit_new' => "Post New Topic",

'js_max_length' => "The maximum allowed length is",

'poll_vote_created' => "Your poll has been created",

'stat_max_emo' => "Maximum emoticons per post: ",

'enabled' => "Enabled",

'jscode_text_enter_email' => "Enter the email address",

'errors_found' => "THE FOLLOWING ERROR(S) WERE FOUND",

'post_edited' => "The post has been edited",

'stat_dyn_img' => "Dynamic image posting: ",

'stat_max_img' => "Maximum images per post: ",

'replying_in' => "Replying in",

'poll_s_total' => "Total Votes",

'js_post' => "Post",

'email_address' => "Your registered email address",

'no_post' => "You must enter a post",

'jscode_text_code' => "Usage: CODE Your Code Here.. /CODE",

'submit_reply' => "Add Reply",

'stat_allow_img' => "IMG tag: ",

'original_post' => "Original Post",

'html_on' => "Posting HTML is <b>allowed</b>",

'please_log_in' => "You are not authorised to view this forum",

'reply_added' => "Your reply has been added",

'no_topic_title' => "You must enter a topic title longer than 2 characters",

'too_many_emoticons' => "You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message",

'no_poll_data' => "There is are no poll questions, that makes for a rubbish poll!",

'top_txt_new' => "Post a new topic in",

'posting_cond' => "Posting Abilities",

'html_off' => "Posting HTML is <b>NOT</b> allowed",

'jscode_error_no_title' => "You must enter a title",

'poll_null_vote' => "View Results (Null Vote)",

'poll_s_votes' => "Votes",

'moderate_topic' => "Your new topic will be previewed by a moderator before it is added into this forum",


'invalid_ext' => "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif, an invalid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.one.gif",

'reg_username' => "Your Registered Username",

'upload_title' => "File Attachments",

'poll_you_created' => "You created this poll",

'jscode_text_quote' => "Usage: QUOTE Your Quote Here.. /QUOTE",

'post_icon' => "<b>Post Icons</b>",

'jscode_error_no_url' => "You must enter a URL",

'moderate_post' => "Your post will be previewed by a moderator before it is added to this topic",

'flash_too_big' => "Please reduce the size of the flash movie you are posting",

'guest_name' => "Enter your Name",

'stat_flash_h' => "Maximum Flash movie height: ",

'topic_title' => "Topic Title",

'flash_url' => "The URL you posted for the flash movie is not valid",

'post_preview' => "Post Preview",

'non_quotes' => "The number of opening quote tags does not match the number of closing quote tags",

'max_length' => "Maximum message length in characters:",

'options' => "Options",

'jscode_text_flash_width' => "Enter the Width of the movie in pixels. Maximum Width= ",

'disabled' => "Disabled",

'js_no_message' => "You must enter a message to post!",

'poll_add_vote' => "Vote!",

'no_file_ext' => "Please ensure that the file you are attempting to upload has a file extension",

'help_cards' => "Help Cards:",

'review_topic' => "Review the complete topic (launches new window)",

'stat_flash_w' => "Maximum Flash movie width: ",

'ib_on' => "iB Code is <b>on</b>",

'jscode_error_no_height' => "You must enter a height",

'buttons_js' => "Click or use the access key once to open and again to close",

'editing_post' => "Editing Post ",

'posting_new_topic' => "Posting New Topic",

'jscode_text_enter_image' => "Enter the complete URL for the image",

'flash_number' => "The width and height attributes of the flash movie must be numeric in value",

'enable_sig' => "<b>Enable</b> signature?",

'top_txt_edit' => "Editing a post in",

'poll_s_stats' => "Statistics",

'poll_you_voted' => "You have already voted in this poll",

'poll_to_many' => "You have more poll choices than the administrator allows for this forum, please reduce them",

'jscode_text_enter_url' => "Enter the complete URL for the hyperlink",

'js_current' => "Current Characters",

'jscode_error_no_width' => "You must enter a width",

'jscode_text_enter_flash' => "Enter the URL to the Flash movie.",

'last_posts' => "Last 10 Posts In reverse order ",

'top_txt_poll' => "Creating a Poll",

'too_many_img' => "Sorry, but you have posted more images than you are allowed to",

'topic_desc' => "Topic Description",

'unlimited' => "( Not restricted )",

'no_dynamic' => "Sorry, dynamic pages in the IMG tags are not allowed",


'post_options' => "Post Options",

'jscode_text_flash_height' => "Enter the Height of the movie in pixels. Maximum Height= ",

'post_to_quote' => "Original Post to Quote",

'poll_viewing_results' => "Viewing poll results",

'click_smilie' => "Clickable Smilies",

'button_spell' => "Spell Check",

'alert_flash' => "You must enter a parameter for all the values!",

'topic_title_long' => "Topic titles cannot be longer than 50 characters",

'poll_s_q' => "Question",

'ib_off' => "iB Code is <b>off</b>",

'new_post_added' => "Your new post has been added",

'top_txt_reply' => "Replying to",

'jscode_text_enter_url_name' => "Enter the title of the webpage",

'poll_only' => "<b>Make Poll Only?</b><br />(No replies allowed)",

'posted_on' => "Posted",

'post' => "Enter your Post",

'poll_not_enough' => "A Poll is a choice, 1 entry is not a choice",

'post_rules' => "Posting Rules",

'poll_s_choices' => "Poll choices",

'jscode_error_no_email' => "You must enter an email address",

'post_icon_txt' => "You may choose a post icon",

'submit_edit' => "Submit Modified Post",

'ib_code_buttons' => "Code Buttons",

'enable_emo' => "<b>Enable</b> emoticons?",

'quoting_post' => "Quoting a Post in ",

'js_characters' => "characters",

'email_title' => "Reply to Topic Notification",

'button_preview' => "Preview Post",

'check_length' => "Check Post Length",



'js_text_to_format' => "Enter the text to be formatted",


'rep_votes' => 'total votes',

'cp_js_delete' => "Are you sure you wish to delete these posts?",

'js_del_1' => "Are you sure you want to delete this message?",

'js_del_2' => "Ok, no action has been taken",

'm_group' => "Group:",

'member_no' => "Member No.:",


'mgroup' => 'Group',

'level' => 'Level',

'filter' => 'Search and Filter Options',

'delete_go' => 'Delete selected',


'totals' => "Back to totals",

'new' => "New since your last visit",

'profile' => "In profile",

'stats' => "Right here",

'self_stats' => "In Reputation stats",

'change' => ":: Change it?",

'rep_name' => "Recieved",

'multi_pages' => "Pages:",

'disallow_rep' => "Voting <font color='red'>disallowed</font>!",


'add_success' => "Reputation has successfully been added.",

'rem_success' => "Reputation has successfully been removed.",

'del_success' => "This reputation change has been undone.",

'comment_success' => "Comment successfully edited.",


'no_post_right' => "The user's posting rights have been removed, due to low reputation.",


'ptitle' => "Changing Reputation",

'pnav' => "Changing Reputation",

'stitle' => "Reputation Changes Statistics",

'snav' => "Reputation stats",

'btitle' => "Board overall statistics",

'bnav' => "Board overall Reputation stats",

'nnav' => "Reputation changes since your last visit",

'ntitle' => "Newer changes",

'fill' => "Please fill this form",

'yourname' => "Your name:",

'whosename' => "Changing reputation of:",

'reason' => "The reasons to change reputation:",

'go' => "Go!",

'act' => "Type:",

'raise' => "Raise reputation",

'lower' => "Lower reputation",


'user' => ":: Member",

'who' => "From user",

'whom' => "To user",

'where' => "Where",

'why' => "Reason",

'code' => "Rating",

'when' => "Date",


'undo_change' => "Undo this change",

'comment_change' => "Add your comment",

'do_comment' => "Add your comment",

'commented_message' => "Commented message:",

'your_comment' => "Your comment:",

'back' => "Back",

'no_changes' => "Empty",

'allow_anon' => "Anonymous voting allowed",

'disallow_anon' => "Anonymous voting <font color='red'>disallowed</font>",


'no_topic' => "Moved or deleted",

'vote_anon' => "Be anonymous",

'is_anon' => "Anonymous",


'has_changed' => "has rated others",

'has_times' => "times",


'sort_by_name' => "Names",

'sort_by_rep' => "Got Votes",

'sort_by_rep_changes' => "Given Votes",

'descending_order' => "Descending Order",

'ascending_order' => "Ascending Order",

'sorting_text' => "Showing by <#SORT_KEY#> in <#SORT_ORDER#> with <#MAX_RESULTS#> results per page",

'sort_submit' => "OK!",


'member' => "Member Name",

'given' => "Given",

'details' => "Details",


'len_max' => "Maximum allowed length of the message is: ",

'len_current' => " symbols. So far you have used ",

'len_symbols' => " symbols",

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Господа, огромная просьба!


Скачал я систему репутации по приведенной выше ссылочке.


Настройка шла отлично до того момента, когда нужно было внести изменения в файл topics.php Некоторые строки я просто не нашел, т.е. они отсутствовали!


Соответственно просьба: Те кто устанавливал эту систему на версию 2.3. или 2.3.1 Вышлете пожалуйста рабочий файл topics.php на мыло kozma@bk.ru

очень нужно!

Заранее благодарен.

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Именно этот? Имхо все XT Reputation System используют.
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