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We have seen a huge increase in people switching to us over the last year or two and want to take advantage of this momentum and offer an exciting conversion promotion. But first some information...


Our Pre-Packaged Converters


Our conversion scripts make it very easy to convert your existing community to the IPS Community Suite. The process is very simple: just install IPS, upload the converters, and then tell the converters what software you're coming from. It will ask you a few questions and then copy over your data to our format. For many systems we even include scripts to 301 redirect your old links so internal references and search engines don't get lost!


Our converters are free to use and well-tested with thousands of successful conversions. Of course converting is not an exact science and things change all the time so we are always releasing updates to make them better and faster.



Need some help?


But some clients really do not have the desire to take on the process of converting data themselves. In this case we do offer professional services for a fee to have us do it for you. Normally these fees range from $500 - $1000 but for the month of December we are offering a flat-rate fee of $350 to convert your community to IPS if it is on the list of one of our pre-made converters. Just contact sales@invisionpower.com to get started.


Even better news: if you're converting to IPS Community in the Cloud we will convert your existing database at no cost! Contact sales@invisionpower.com for full information.



Converting from something else?


If your software is not listed on our pre-made converter list we can still assist in converting. Maybe you're using something that's old, niche, or even custom. We have a lot of experience converting people to our platform and would love to assist you. Contact sales@invisionpower.com with questions.



What about 4.0?


If you follow our blog entries you know we are hard at work on the next version of our software: IPS Social Suite 4.0. When version 4.0 is released if you have an active license you will of course get access at no extra charge! Upgrading from 3.4 to 4.0 will be very easy and our staff can even do it for you if you like.



vBulletin Converter Update


Over the last several months we have seen a huge increase in interest from vBulletin users wanting to convert to IPS. As we are asked so often, we want to highlight some of the key reasons to switch to us.

  • We do not make you re-buy with each new major version release. So long as your IPS license is active you get access to new versions.
  • We do not limit your support ticket access or charge extra fees. With an active license you get private access to our support staff.
  • Our staff will install our software on your server at no extra charge.
  • Our staff will even install major upgrades on your server at no extra charge.
  • We have a whole community suite: forums, blog, gallery, CMS, chat, ecommerce, support, and with the flexibility of our platform the possibilities are endless.
  • The IPS Marketplace is a great resource for our clients to get enhancements for their community. Think Apple's AppStore but for IPS products.
  • IPS makes community software and services. That's all we do and our focus is helping you succeed not working against you.

Ready to convert? Have Questions?


You can download our free converters to give them a try. If you have questions about IPS before purchasing please email sales@invisionpower.com and we would be happy to assist. And as a reward for reading through the end there's one more thing: use the coupon code SWITCH through the end of December for 10% off your order.



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