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This is an addon which allows you to sell points to your members, in exchange for money. It works with basically any point system involving members (so it has to be used with a field in one of the three tables IPS uses for member information). there is also a built in points field, in case you want to simply use the one from this app separately.


You must have Nexus installed for this to work. You can purchase and install this without Nexus, in case, for some reason, you want to install this one first, but this is all done via Nexus. When someone purchases points, it generates an invoice through Nexus and then, when the invoice is paid off, the points are transferred to their account.


There are two ways to purchase points. You can use only one or the other, both, or neither (turn the system off).

  • Custom - In the ACP, you enter how many points are received per dollar spent. A member then simply enters how many points he/she wants, and then the invoice is created for the amount they would cost, based on the rate from the ACP.
  • Package - Create, edit, and delete packages in the ACP. You enter the exact number of points and the exact cost for the package. This way you could give discounts for larger totals being purchased, for example.
It, of course, uses the default currency of your Nexus install. Dollars is just the default wording.


Please note that the app does not allow undoing of the transactions, at this time. Someone can cancel an invoice, rather than pay it, but once the invoice is paid, it's final, under the current setup.


This will have many new features, over time. This app has a separate tab. In the future I may integreate it, specifically with Simple Points, where you could do the same functionality within the Simple Points tab. It works with that app, of course, now, but in this separate tab.


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