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This hook allows you to specify which custom profile fields have to be unique amongst your members. It is similar to the built-in IP.Board functionality which ensures that member names and email addresses are unique.



  • Runs on all boards from 3.2.3 onwards
  • Supports the built-in custom profile fields, and your own custom profile fields
  • Can be switched on and off for individual profile fields
  • Fully integrated into AdminCP
  • Tests for field uniqueness in User Control Panel AND on Member Registration
  • Moderators and Admins can override the uniqueness requirement through their own ModCP and AdminCP
  • All text used in the hook is imported into language files so you can edit to suit or localize
  • Fully automatic install and deinstall, no hand edits required


Simply install/deinstall the hook in your AdminCP 


Usage/Set Up

  • In AdminCP, select Members -> Custom Profile Fields
  • Note the extra column which shows whether Custom Profile Fields must be unique (see screenshot for example)
  • Select the Unique Yes/No toggle when adding or editing custom profile fields. (see screenshot)
 Test Case
  • In AdminCP, set a custom profile field to be unique AND required on registration
  • Input a value into the custom profile field for yourself to be something unique, not used by anybody else
  • Try and register a new user and use the same value in the custom profile field that you are using yourself
  • If you see the error message and registration does not complete, then the hook is installed correctly (see main screenshot)


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