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NOTE: This is just a new colorway which has been requested about my Embers skin.

Introducing a mostly flat css based easy to read dark minimal skin with customizable elements and enhancements. Such as a sociable footer and even a welcome message to guests.


  • Customized footer with social, extra links and an about us section.
  • Guest message built into the theme itself, customizable.
  • Mostly based on CSS with some CSS3 tweaks, faster loading speeds due to lack of not so needed images.
  • Comes with psd for logo as well as the font.
  • Font awesome icons in navbar.
  • Rotating avatars.
  • Animated logo shaking.
  • Animated scrolling header background.
  • Colored scroll bars to match the skin "only on chrome".
  • Dark matching editor.
  • Custom elements such as the social footer and guest messages are able to be customized, simply expand the templates and edit the templates listed as _embers.

Fusion is based off the default IPB skin and should be compatible with most if not all hooks and apps.
There may be issues however i am willing to fix those issues, just leave them in the support topic http://community.invisionpower.com/uploads/emoticons/biggrin.gif
Please do not redistribute, as this is quite affordable compared to other skins, it also motivates me to present more fixes and update this quite more frequently.

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