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In order to use any of these rules on your site, you must first install the Rules application:

Download Rules Lite Edition  -  Download Rules Full Edition

The rules application allows you to customize or “program” almost any behavior of your site through simple “rules” you set up through your ACP. You can create rules to automate tasks, manipulate content, update member profiles, and perform multitudes of other operations on your site based on events or conditions.

This "rule pack" consists of starter rules which you can import into the Rules application and learn from, or customize to fit your own needs and use them in production. The following rule sets are included:

Prestige Reputation System

The prestige reputation system is an example of how you can create your own reputation rankings based on the existing reputation system built into IPS4.

It works by attaching a new integer data field to members called "Prestige Rank", which in turn is updated when a member recieves reputation in the core IPS suite. You can customize the rule conditions to your liking to determine when a member actually recieves the "prestige" reputation rank ( the default is when an admin or moderator gives the reputation.)

Also included is another rule that will promote the member to a group of your choosing when they reach a certain "prestige" rank level. You can customize the threshold and the group by editing the "Promote member" rule settings.


Much more to come. I'm just getting started....   follow and stay tuned. If you have any ideas or requests for new rules to go into the example pack, drop me a line in the discussion topic!

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