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All DesignzShop Products Must Be Registered immediately after purchase Per our license requirements.
All IPB suite application matching css

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Get More...

  • Premium Original Design
  • No CSS Template Edits
  • Pro-Series Skinz utilizes 1 file for all css. DesignzShop.com Skinz have no direct CSS file modifications.
  • Minimal HTML Template Edits
  • No Code Class Changes
  • No Code Re-arranging
  • No JS or JQuery Interference
  • No 3rd party application interference
  • Responsive as IPB + some
  • Extended Font-Awesome Menus
  • Targeted graphics areas to easily change the look of your site on the fly

Personalize your site
In DesignzShop Skinz Version 4.1.14v1 we have done some work. This was an extensive update so there's extensive edits and new feature additions.

100 Plus Custom Settings - Personalize

New Settings

  • Custom Upload Field to Add Background Image.
    Easily add a background image to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
  • Custom Upload Field to Add Header Image.
    Easily add a header image to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
  • Custom Upload Field to Add Footer Image.
    Easily add a Footer Background image to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
  • Custom Upload Field to Add Secondary Navigation Background Image.
    Easily add a Secondary Navigation Background image to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
  • Custom Upload Field to Add Category Title Bar Image.
    Easily add a Category Title Bar Background image to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
    When Background Image is not being used you can use a custom Gradient
  • Custom Gradient Field to Add Category Title Bar CSS Gradient.
    Easily add a Category Title Bar Background Gradient to any of the DesignzShop Skinz
  • Custom Setting to Disable Background Image and use solid color.
    Easily turn off your site global background image and use the stock IPB Body Background Setting in your ACP > Specific theme
  • Custom Setting to Disable Header Image and use solid color.
    Turn off the site global header image and use the stock IPB Body Background Setting in your ACP > Specific theme
  • and more...

  • Enable Custom Navigation
    Buttons or Tabs?
    Easily switch between a tabbed to rounded button Navigation.
  • Disable Search-bar
    Remove the search-bar from all pages.
  • Custom setting to turn off Search-bar in Pages only.
  • Disable Top Breadcrumb
    Easily disable the top breadcrumb easily for a more refined, clean appearance.
  • Custom setting to turn off Top Breadcrumbs in Pages only.
  • Disable Bottom Breadcrumb
    Easily disable the bottom breadcrumb easily for a more refined, clean appearance.
  • Custom setting to turn off Bottom Breadcrumbs in Pages only.
  • Custom Footer - Edit Section Titles and descriptions
    Easily edit the FA+ section titles and descriptions from your themes acp under the Custom tab.
  • Disable Custom Footer
    Easily disable the custom footer completely.
  • Disable Footer Icon Newspaper
  • Comment URL
  • Tool-Tip Input Text Area
  • Enable Google-Font
    Easily enable Google Font
  • All footer icons can have a url added, large icons can have tool-tips added
  • Custom Footer - Edit Section Titles and descriptions
  • Secondary Navigation Pointer

FA+ Custom DesignzShop Footer

  • The new FA+ Footer by DesignzShop is a Font-Awesome content filled footer.
  • Easy to use from your theme acp you can turn off each icon individually,
  • submit a icon url and for the large icons you can add a tool-tip.
  • completely turning off the FA+ feature with a toggle.
  • The new FA+ Footer is responsive.

Guest Message / Welcome Box / Pages Owners Only

  • If you own the IPB Pages application you can get access to our documentation that allows to quickly create a welcome / register box.
  • A better way to have a Guest Message / Welcome Box. Front end creation and control.
  • Easily edit a Custom Pages Block, put it in anywhere you want.
  • Copy and paste a single code
  • Full Permissions over who sees the block
  • Less than 3 minutes to create
  • No extra plugins

Custom Icon Set / Profile Image

  • All Pro-Series Skinz come with a single  Custom made icon set.
  • All Pro-Series come with a DesignzShop Original Profile Image.
  • Custom Made Images by DesignzShop means you know where the images were created.

SkinzPacz - A Powerful DesignzShop theme base allows you to Alter Ego your site!

  • This Pro Series Skinz Qualifies for SkinzPacz paid upgrades.
  • Change the look of your Pro-Series Skinz in minutes for a whole new look and feel
  • All SkinzPacz Custom images are made in-house. Protect yourself and your community by knowing where your themes graphics come from.
  • Keep this Skinz base for years to come then just change your SkinzPacz / Graphics for a whole new look when your ready.

Stock SkinzPacz included in this package:

  • SkinzNilla
    SkinzNilla is a basic set of vanilla graphics, "Background and Header" in white and black. Customize these images to give your site a custom look and feel.

Skinz up-grades Faster, We don't hold you back!

  • DesignzShop releases upgrades usually within 24 hours of a major IPB release (72 hours is our policy for the latest you'll see a release unless a major change comes up).
  • Why wait weeks, months or later to get your software up-dated due to slow developers? DesignzShop.com always provides the latest release to match the latest release of IPB.
  • You must use the latest version of our Skinz with the latest IPB version. DesignzShop also does not keep older Skinz / themes versions available for client download.

Membership / Support / Up-grade versions

  • 6 month current version product download access
  • 6 month access to custom editor up-dates
  • 6 month access to new base product package offerings
  • 6 month Skinz Support
  • When purchased from IPB Official Support is ticket support offered at DesignzShop.com
  • When purchased off of DesignzShop.com Official Support is ticket support however, you gain access to our Client Community Forum.
  • Official New ticket / submitted ticket response time answered in 24 hours. Sometimes less depending.


Greatly reduced need for support

  • More time for you to spend where it's needed
  • Adhering to IPB's stock design means no function or design interference from your Skinz
  • Above means most of your questions of how you want your IPB software to function will be directed to IPB



  • Ignitor Pro-Series Skinz carry a US renewal fee of $10.00 /  every 6 months.
  • Ignitor Pro-Series is a constant ever evolving series. Renewals support future development & base package offerings.
  • Renewal fees keep us from charging for major up-grade versions and more on initial purchase

Note: DesignzShop Skinz are complete turnkey solutions.

  • The great look and feel of our Skinz/Themes is what attracts customers.
  • Code changes that would make our themes un-recognizable is not permitted.
  • IPB has many theme Designers that allow their themes to be changed entirely, we suggest using one of these theme designers for this circumstance.
  • This purchase is for a Single Site License and can be used on 1 IPB licensed url only.
    - Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to our license.
  • Contact us for multiple site licenses. DesignzShop will issue a discount on multiple licenses
    - minimum 3 licenses for discount eligibility
    - Discounts do not apply to renewals. Standard renewal fees apply to multiple license discounts.

Need a custom theme?

  • If you need a custom theme DesignzShop does custom themes using our base Skinz / Themes for our custom. Please contact us below with your needs.

Pre-Sales Questions?

  • Please register - login and pm DesignzShop for personal attention to your questions{s}.
  • You may also pm DesignzShop at Invision with any pre-sales questions you may have.

Support Hours / Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday
    8am - 5pm US CST
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday - Closed
  • Note: We do pop in during off hours occasionally on the weekend.

Skinz License

Image License

Icons License

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