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REQUIRED:- iAwards


Only for IPS Suite 4.x

This is a rule set for the Rules Application to work with iAwards. 

It will grant an award to any member as they reach the following level;

  • 100 Contributions
  • 250 Contributions
  • 500 Contributions
  • 1000 Contributions
  • 2500 Contributions
  • 5000 Contributions
  • 10000 Contributions
  • 15000 Contributions
  • 20000 Contributions
  • 25000 Contributions
  • 50000 Contributions

It will schedule a task each week to check a members contribution count and assign the relevant level. It is not instant. What it will then do is remove the previous level from that member so the member only has one aware at their new current level. 

You may well be able to write these rules yourself and thats fine but if not here it is to save you the time. Its a complex set of rules that took some time to get right.

To install just import the xml rule file into the rules application and then edit the settings to specify the specific awards that are given at each stage. You can add or remove the number of different levels. The default file has 10 levels to get you started.

If you have any problems drop me a PM and I will be happy to help.


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