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Hello everyone.
Here are some scripts that i have made for user topic view.
You can use it on any ips4x theme. (My current version is
Includes html part (with font awesome) & css part.

  1. Member's group with color.
  2. Members Posts.
  3. Member's Reputation with color.
  4. Member's Number.
  5. Member's Status (Online-Offline with colors "red-green")
  6. Member's Joined date.
  7. Gender (Profile field)
  8. Location (Profile field)

You can use it on dark or white version.

Here are the files:
You will also find a simple guide about how to install it correctly to your current theme.
For anything you need feel free to send me message here or to contact me on skype: Andrew-Services.
NOTE: The Group icons are not in the pack.

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