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Server Console

Simple Application to observe multiply servers and bigger infrastructures.
The application was basically written that I can keep track of all my servers, without having different pages for monitoring, backups and so on.


  • Frequent checks if a server is online/offline and also getting some information, such as:
    • CPU Usage 
    • CPU Load
    • RAM Usage (free/total/percentage)
    • DISK Usage (free/total/percentage)
    • Uptime
  • Block/Widget that users can see the status of the servers as well
  • Dedicated Front Page to observe the status
  • Maintenance mode for servers


As this is only an early development a lot things are planned:

  • Graphs displaying status/values over the time
  • More detailed stats
  • Dedicated status page
  • Notifications on downtimes / uptimes
  • Backup system


This applications requires the PHP-cURL extension!

This applications requires that this script is installed on any client server and is reachable by the forum server.

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