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Members of The Day, Week, Month, Year of All Times

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This application will give the admins the ability to feature members for a certain period of time along with adding a reason as to why those particular members have been featured.


To install the application,  go to the Application section in your admin panel, click the Install button, select the aplication file and hit the Install button.


To a feature a member, go to the members section in your admin panel, click the name of the member that you want to feature and go to the Feature section. You can feature that particular member there, enter a reason, (optional), as to why you are featuring that member, and select the number of days that you want to feature that member.


After a member has been featured, they will be displayed on the sidebar, board index on a random order. You can select the number of members to show on sidebar and board index and select which group or groups can view the featured members.

Featured Members Page

All featured members will be displayed on a page that can be linked to the navigation manager. To display it, go to the Menu Manager section in your admin panel and select the Featured Members link. 


A cron has been added that will run once a day and it will remove all featured members whose featured time has been expired.

Admin Logs

Each time that a member is featured or unfeatured, will be logged in at the Admin Logs.

Featured Badge

A featured badge will be displayed on members profiles, hoover cards and through out all their posts and topics. Badges can be enabled and disabled from the application settings.

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